UCI machine learning repositoryで公開されているデータセットの一覧をご紹介します。英語での要約(abstract)をgoogle翻訳を使用させていただき機械的に翻訳したものを掲載しました。データセットのサンプルを探す参考にしていただければ幸いです。


2.4 GHZ Indoor Channel Measurements
Measurement of the S21,consists of 10 sweeps, each sweep contains 601 frequency points with spacing of 0.167MHz to cover a 100MHz band centered at 2.4GHz.

3D Road Network (North Jutland, Denmark)
3D road network with highly accurate elevation information (+-20cm) from Denmark used in eco-routing and fuel/Co2-estimation routing algorithms.
エコルーティングと燃料/ Co2推定ルーティングアルゴリズムで使用されるデンマークの高度精度情報(+ 20cm)を備えた3D道路ネットワーク。

A study of Asian Religious and Biblical Texts
Mainly from Project Gutenberg, we combine Upanishads, Yoga Sutras, Buddha Sutras, Tao Te Ching and Book of Wisdom, Book of Proverbs, Book of Ecclesiastes and Book of Ecclesiasticus

AAAI 2013 Accepted Papers
This data set compromises the metadata for the 2013 AAAI conference’s accepted papers (main track only), including paper titles, abstracts, and keywords of varying granularity.

AAAI 2014 Accepted Papers
This data set compromises the metadata for the 2014 AAAI conference’s accepted papers, including paper titles, authors, abstracts, and keywords of varying granularity.

Predict the age of abalone from physical measurements

Abscisic Acid Signaling Network
The objective is to determine the set of boolean rules that describe the interactions of the nodes within this plant signaling network. The dataset includes 300 separate boolean pseudodynamic simulations using an asynchronous update scheme.

Absenteeism at work
The database was created with records of absenteeism at work from July 2007 to July 2010 at a courier company in Brazil.

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) Recognition Using Binary Sensors
This dataset comprises information regarding the ADLs performed by two users on a daily basis in their own homes.

Activity Recognition from Single Chest-Mounted Accelerometer
The dataset collects data from a wearable accelerometer mounted on the chest. The dataset is intended for Activity Recognition research purposes.

Activity Recognition system based on Multisensor data fusion (AReM)
This dataset contains temporal data from a Wireless Sensor Network worn by an actor performing the activities: bending, cycling, lying down, sitting, standing, walking.

Activity recognition with healthy older people using a batteryless wearable sensor
Sequential motion data from 14 healthy older people aged 66 to 86 years old using a batteryless, wearable sensor on top of their clothing for the recognition of activities in clinical environments.

Acute Inflammations
The data was created by a medical expert as a data set to test the expert system, which will perform the presumptive diagnosis of two diseases of the urinary system.

“Predict whether income exceeds $50K/yr based on census data. Also known as “”Census Income”” dataset.”
国勢調査データに基づいて所得が$ 50K /年を超えるかどうかを予測する。 「Census Income」データセットとも呼ばれます。

Air Quality
Contains the responses of a gas multisensor device deployed on the field in an Italian city. Hourly responses averages are recorded along with gas concentrations references from a certified analyzer.

Air quality
Contains the responses of a gas multisensor device deployed on the field in an Italian city.

Airfoil Self-Noise
NASA data set, obtained from a series of aerodynamic and acoustic tests of two and three-dimensional airfoil blade sections conducted in an anechoic wind tunnel.

Alcohol QCM Sensor Dataset
Five different QCM gas sensors are used, and five different gas measurements (1-octanol, 1-propanol, 2-butanol, 2-propanol and 1-isobutanol) are conducted in each of these sensors.

Amazon Access Samples
Amazon’s InfoSec is getting smarter about the way Access data is leveraged. This is an anonymized sample of access provisioned within the company.

Amazon Commerce reviews set
The dataset is used for authorship identification in online Writeprint which is a new research field of pattern recognition.

Steel annealing data

Anonymous Microsoft Web Data
Log of anonymous users of www.microsoft.com; predict areas of the web site a user visited based on data on other areas the user visited.

Anuran Calls (MFCCs)
Acoustic features extracted from syllables of anuran (frogs) calls, including the family, the genus, and the species labels (multilabel).

Appliances energy prediction
Experimental data used to create regression models of appliances energy use in a low energy building.

APS Failure at Scania Trucks
The datasets’ positive class consists of component failures for a specific component of the APS system. The negative class consists of trucks with failures for components not related to the APS.

ARCENE’s task is to distinguish cancer versus normal patterns from mass-spectrometric data. This is a two-class classification problem with continuous input variables. This dataset is one of 5 datasets of the NIPS 2003 feature selection challenge.
ARCENEの仕事は、癌と正常パターンを質量分析データと区別することです。これは、連続入力変数を持つ2クラスの分類問題です。このデータセットは、NIPS 2003の機能選択の課題の5つのデータセットの1つです。

Distinguish between the presence and absence of cardiac arrhythmia and classify it in one of the 16 groups.

Artificial Characters
Dataset artificially generated by using first order theory which describes structure of ten capital letters of English alphabet

Audiology (Original)
Nominal audiology dataset from Baylor

Audiology (Standardized)
Standardized version of the original audiology database

Audit Data
Exhaustive one year non-confidential data in the year 2015 to 2016 of firms is collected from the Auditor Office of India to build a predictor for classifying suspicious firms.

Australian Sign Language signs
This data consists of sample of Auslan (Australian Sign Language) signs. Examples of 95 signs were collected from five signers with a total of 6650 sign samples.
このデータは、Auslan(オーストラリア手話)の兆候のサンプルで構成されています。 95サインの例は、5人の署名者から収集し、合計6650の署名サンプルを得た。

Australian Sign Language signs (High Quality)
This data consists of sample of Auslan (Australian Sign Language) signs. 27 examples of each of 95 Auslan signs were captured from a native signer using high-quality position trackers

Autism Screening Adult
Autistic Spectrum Disorder Screening Data for Adult. This dataset is related to classification and predictive tasks.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder Screening Data for Adolescent
Autistic Spectrum Disorder Screening Data for Adolescent. This dataset is related to classification and predictive tasks.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder Screening Data for Children
Children screening data for autism suitable for classification and predictive tasks

Auto MPG
Revised from CMU StatLib library, data concerns city-cycle fuel consumption
CMU StatLibライブラリから改訂され、都市サイクルの燃料消費に関するデータ

From 1985 Ward’s Automotive Yearbook

AutoUniv is an advanced data generator for classifications tasks. The aim is to reflect the nuances and heterogeneity of real data. Data can be generated in .csv, ARFF or C4.5 formats.

The Avila data set has been extracted from 800 images of the ‘Avila Bible’, an XII century giant Latin copy of the Bible. The prediction task consists in associating each pattern to a copyist.

Bach Choral Harmony
The data set is composed of 60 chorales (5665 events) by J.S. Bach (1675-1750). Each event of each chorale is labelled using 1 among 101 chord labels and described through 14 features.

Bach Chorales
Time-series data based on chorales; challenge is to learn generative grammar; data in Lisp
司会に基づく時系列データ。挑戦は生得的な文法を学ぶことです。 Lispのデータ

“Badges labeled with a “”+”” or “”-“” as a function of a person’s name”
人の名前の関数として「+」または「 – 」と表示されたバッジ

Bag of Words
This data set contains five text collections in the form of bags-of-words.

Balance Scale
Balance scale weight & distance database

Data previously used in cognitive psychology experiment; 4 data sets represent different conditions of an experiment
以前は認知心理学実験で用いられたデータ。 4つのデータセットは実験のさまざまな条件を表します

Bank Marketing
The data is related with direct marketing campaigns (phone calls) of a Portuguese banking institution. The classification goal is to predict if the client will subscribe a term deposit (variable y).

banknote authentication
Data were extracted from images that were taken for the evaluation of an authentication procedure for banknotes.

Bar Crawl: Detecting Heavy Drinking
Detecting Heavy Drinking: Accelerometer and transdermal alcohol content data from a college bar crawl. Used to predict heavy drinking episodes via mobile data.

BAUM-1 dataset contains 1184 multimodal facial video clips collected from 31 subjects. The 1184 video clips contain spontaneous facial expressions and speech of 13 emotional and mental states.
BAUM-1データセットは、31の被験者から収集された1184個のマルチモーダル顔面ビデオクリップを含む。 1184のビデオクリップは、13の感情的および精神的状態の自発的な表情およびスピーチを含む。

A multilingual audio-visual affective face database consisting of 1047 video clips of 286 subjects.

Behavior of the urban traffic of the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil
The database was created with records of behavior of the urban traffic of the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Beijing Multi-Site Air-Quality Data
This hourly data set considers 6 main air pollutants and 6 relevant meteorological variables at multiple sites in Beijing.

Beijing PM2.5 Data
This hourly data set contains the PM2.5 data of US Embassy in Beijing. Meanwhile, meteorological data from Beijing Capital International Airport are also included.

Bias correction of numerical prediction model temperature forecast
It contains fourteen numerical weather prediction (NWP)’s meteorological forecast data, two in-situ observations, and five geographical auxiliary variables over Seoul, South Korea in the summer.

Bike Sharing Dataset
This dataset contains the hourly and daily count of rental bikes between years 2011 and 2012 in Capital bikeshare system with the corresponding weather and seasonal information.

BLE RSSI Dataset for Indoor localization and Navigation
This dataset contains RSSI readings gathered from an array of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) iBeacons in a real-world and operational indoor environment for localization and navigation purposes.
このデータセットには、ローカライゼーションやナビゲーションのために、実環境で動作可能な屋内環境で、Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE)iBeaconsのアレイから収集されたRSSI測定値が含まれています。

Instances in this dataset contain features extracted from blog posts. The task associated with the data is to predict how many comments the post will receive.

In this paper, we look for to recognize the causes of users tend to cyber space in Kohkiloye and Boyer Ahmad Province in Iran
本稿では、KohkiloyeとBoyer Ahmad Provinceのイランにおけるサイバー空間の利用者の原因を認識する

Blood Transfusion Service Center
Data taken from the Blood Transfusion Service Center in Hsin-Chu City in Taiwan — this is a classification problem.
台湾の新竹市の血液輸血サービスセンターから取ったデータ – これは分類の問題です。

Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Data (Restricted Access)

Breast Cancer Coimbra
Clinical features were observed or measured for 64 patients with breast cancer and 52 healthy controls.

Breast Cancer Wisconsin (Diagnostic)
Diagnostic Wisconsin Breast Cancer Database

Breast Cancer Wisconsin (Original)
Original Wisconsin Breast Cancer Database

Breast Cancer Wisconsin (Prognostic)
Prognostic Wisconsin Breast Cancer Database

Breast Tissue
Dataset with electrical impedance measurements of freshly excised tissue samples from the breast.

BuddyMove Data Set
User interest information extracted from user reviews published in holidayiq.com about various types of point of interests in South India

Burst Header Packet (BHP) flooding attack on Optical Burst Switching (OBS) Network
One of the primary challenges in identifying the risks of the Burst Header Packet (BHP) flood attacks in Optical Burst Switching networks (OBS) is the scarcity of reliable historical data.

Buzz in social media
This data-set contains examples of buzz events from two different social networks: Twitter, and Tom’s Hardware, a forum network focusing on new technology with more conservative dynamics.
このデータセットには、2つの異なるソーシャルネットワークからのバズイベントの例が含まれます:Twitter、より保守的なダイナミクスを備えた新技術に焦点を当てたフォーラムネットワークであるTom’s Hardware。

Caesarian Section Classification Dataset
This dataset contains information about caesarian section results of 80 pregnant women with the most important characteristics of delivery problems in the medical field.

CalIt2 Building People Counts
This data comes from the main door of the CalIt2 building at UCI.

Car Evaluation
Derived from simple hierarchical decision model, this database may be useful for testing constructive induction and structure discovery methods.

Carbon Nanotubes
This dataset contains 10721 initial and calculated atomic coordinates of carbon nanotubes.

The dataset consists of measurements of fetal heart rate (FHR) and uterine contraction (UC) features on cardiotocograms classified by expert obstetricians.

Cargo 2000 Freight Tracking and Tracing
Sanitized and anonymized Cargo 2000 (C2K) airfreight tracking and tracing events, covering five months of business execution (3,942 process instances, 7,932 transport legs, 56,082 activities).
5カ月間の業務執行(3,942のプロセスインスタンス、7,932の輸送レッグ、56,082のアクティビティ)をカバーする、匿名化されたCargo 2000(C2K)航空貨物追跡およびトレースイベント。

Census Income
“Predict whether income exceeds $50K/yr based on census data. Also known as “”Adult”” dataset.”
国勢調査データに基づいて所得が$ 50K /年を超えるかどうかを予測する。 「アダルト」データセットとも呼ばれます。

Census-Income (KDD)
This data set contains weighted census data extracted from the 1994 and 1995 current population surveys conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Cervical cancer (Risk Factors)
This dataset focuses on the prediction of indicators/diagnosis of cervical cancer. The features cover demographic information, habits, and historic medical records.

Challenger USA Space Shuttle O-Ring
Task: predict the number of O-rings that experience thermal distress on a flight at 31 degrees F given data on the previous 23 shuttle flights

Character Font Images
Character images from scanned and computer generated fonts.

Character Trajectories
Multiple, labelled samples of pen tip trajectories recorded whilst writing individual characters. All samples are from the same writer, for the purposes of primitive extraction. Only characters with a single pen-down segment were considered.

Chess (Domain Theories)
6 different domain theories for generating legal moves of chess

Chess (King-Rook vs. King)
Chess Endgame Database for White King and Rook against Black King (KRK).

Chess (King-Rook vs. King-Knight)
Knight Pin Chess End-Game Database Creator

Chess (King-Rook vs. King-Pawn)
King+Rook versus King+Pawn on a7 (usually abbreviated KRKPA7).

chestnut – LARVIC
The research project presents this database, shows the images of chestnuts that will be processed to determine the presence or absence of defects

ChIP-seq experiments characterize protein modifications or binding at specific genomic locations in specific samples. The machine learning problem in these data is structured binary classification.

This dataset can be used to predict the chronic kidney disease and it can be collected from the hospital nearly 2 months of period.

Climate Model Simulation Crashes
Given Latin hypercube samples of 18 climate model input parameter values, predict climate model simulation crashes and determine the parameter value combinations that cause the failures.

Little Documentation

CMU Face Images
This data consists of 640 black and white face images of people taken with varying pose (straight, left, right, up), expression (neutral, happy, sad, angry), eyes (wearing sunglasses or not), and size

This is a data set containing 1080 documents of free text business descriptions of Brazilian companies categorized into a subset of 9 categories

Coil 1999 Competition Data
This data set is from the 1999 Computational Intelligence and Learning (COIL) competition. The data contains measurements of river chemical concentrations and algae densities.

Combined Cycle Power Plant
The dataset contains 9568 data points collected from a Combined Cycle Power Plant over 6 years (2006-2011), when the plant was set to work with full load.

Communities and Crime
Communities within the United States. The data combines socio-economic data from the 1990 US Census, law enforcement data from the 1990 US LEMAS survey, and crime data from the 1995 FBI UCR.
米国内のコミュニティ。データは、1990年米国国勢調査の社会経済データ、1990年米国LEMAS調査の法執行データ、1995年FBI UCRの犯罪データを組み合わせたデータです。

Communities and Crime Unnormalized
Communities in the US. Data combines socio-economic data from the ’90 Census, law enforcement data from the 1990 Law Enforcement Management and Admin Stats survey, and crime data from the 1995 FBI UCR
米国のコミュニティデータは、’90年の国勢調査の社会経済データ、1990年の法執行管理および管理者の調査による法執行データ、1995年のFBI UCRの犯罪データ

Computer Hardware
Relative CPU Performance Data, described in terms of its cycle time, memory size, etc.

Concrete Compressive Strength
Concrete is the most important material in civil engineering. The concrete compressive strength is a highly nonlinear function of age and ingredients.

Concrete Slump Test
Concrete is a highly complex material. The slump flow of concrete is not only determined by the water content, but that is also influenced by other concrete ingredients.

Condition Based Maintenance of Naval Propulsion Plants
Data have been generated from a sophisticated simulator of a Gas Turbines (GT), mounted on a Frigate characterized by a COmbined Diesel eLectric And Gas (CODLAG) propulsion plant type.

Condition monitoring of hydraulic systems
The data set addresses the condition assessment of a hydraulic test rig based on multi sensor data. Four fault types are superimposed with several severity grades impeding selective quantification.
データセットは、マルチセンサデータに基づいて油圧試験装置の状態評価に対応します。 4つのフォールトタイプは、いくつかの重大度に重ね合わされ、選択的な定量化を妨げる。

Congressional Voting Records
1984 United Stated Congressional Voting Records; Classify as Republican or Democrat

Contains connect-4 positions

Connectionist Bench (Nettalk Corpus)
“The file “”nettalk.data”” contains a list of 20,008 English words, along with a phonetic transcription for each word. The task is to train a network to produce the proper phonemes”
“ファイル “”nettalk.data””には、20,008の英語単語のリストと、各単語の表音文字列が含まれています。課題は、適切な音素を生成するようにネットワークを訓練することです”

Connectionist Bench (Sonar, Mines vs. Rocks)
The task is to train a network to discriminate between sonar signals bounced off a metal cylinder and those bounced off a roughly cylindrical rock.

Connectionist Bench (Vowel Recognition – Deterding Data)
Speaker independent recognition of the eleven steady state vowels of British English using a specified training set of lpc derived log area ratios.

Container Crane Controller Data Set
A container crane has the function of transporting containers from one point to another point.

Contraceptive Method Choice
Dataset is a subset of the 1987 National Indonesia Contraceptive Prevalence Survey.

Corel Image Features
This dataset contains image features extracted from a Corel image collection. Four sets of features are available based on the color histogram, color histogram layout, color moments, and co-occurence

Forest CoverType dataset

Credit Approval
This data concerns credit card applications; good mix of attributes

Crowdsourced Mapping
Crowdsourced data from OpenStreetMap is used to automate the classification of satellite images into different land cover classes (impervious, farm, forest, grass, orchard, water).

Cryotherapy Dataset
This dataset contains information about wart treatment results of 90 patients using cryotherapy.

CSM (Conventional and Social Media Movies) Dataset 2014 and 2015
12 features categorized as conventional and social media features. Both conventional features, collected from movies databases on Web as well as social media features(YouTube,Twitter).

Cuff-Less Blood Pressure Estimation
This Data set provides preprocessed and cleaned vital signals which can be used in designing algorithms for cuff-less estimation of the blood pressure.

Cylinder Bands
“Used in decision tree induction for mitigating process delays known as “”cylinder bands”” in rotogravure printing”

Daily and Sports Activities
The dataset comprises motion sensor data of 19 daily and sports activities each performed by 8 subjects in their own style for 5 minutes. Five Xsens MTx units are used on the torso, arms, and legs.
データセットは、毎日19の運動センサデータと、それぞれ8人の被験者が独自のスタイルで5分間行ったスポーツ活動からなる。胴体、腕、脚には5つのXsens MTxユニットが使用されています。

Daily Demand Forecasting Orders
The dataset was collected during 60 days, this is a real database of a brazilian logistics company.

Daphnet Freezing of Gait
This dataset contains the annotated readings of 3 acceleration sensors at the hip and leg of Parkinson’s disease patients that experience freezing of gait (FoG) during walking tasks.

Data for Software Engineering Teamwork Assessment in Education Setting
Data include over 100 Team Activity Measures and outcomes (ML classes) obtained from activities of 74 student teams during the creation of final class project in SW Eng. classes at SFSU, Fulda, FAU
データには、SW Engの最終クラスプロジェクトの作成中に74の学生チームの活動から得られた100以上のチーム活動尺度と結果(MLクラス)が含まれています。 SFSU、Fulda、FAUのクラス

Dataset for ADL Recognition with Wrist-worn Accelerometer
Recordings of 16 volunteers performing 14 Activities of Daily Living (ADL) while carrying a single wrist-worn tri-axial accelerometer.

Dataset for Sensorless Drive Diagnosis
Features are extracted from motor current. The motor has intact and defective components. This results in 11 different classes with different conditions.

DBWorld e-mails
It contains 64 e-mails which I have manually collected from DBWorld mailing list. They are classified in: ‘announces of conferences’ and ‘everything else’.

default of credit card clients
This research aimed at the case of customers’ default payments in Taiwan and compares the predictive accuracy of probability of default among six data mining methods.

DeliciousMIL: A Data Set for Multi-Label Multi-Instance Learning with Instance Labels
A Data Set for Multi-Label Multi-Instance Learning with Instance Labels: This dataset includes 1) 12234 documents (8251 training, 3983 test) extracted from DeliciousT140 dataset, 2) class labels for all documents, 3) labels for a subset of sentences of the test documents.

Marine sponges of the Demospongiae class classification domain.

Aim for this dataset is to determine the type of Eryhemato-Squamous Disease.
このデータセットの目的は、Eryhemato-Squamous Diseaseのタイプを決定することです。

Detect Malacious Executable(AntiVirus)
I extract features from malacious and non-malacious and create and training dataset to teach svm classifier.Dataset made of unknown executable to detect if it is virus or normal safe executable.

This dataset addresses the lack of public botnet datasets, especially for the IoT. It suggests *real* traffic data, gathered from 9 commercial IoT devices authentically infected by Mirai and BASHLITE.
このデータセットは、特にIoTのための公衆ボットネットデータセットの欠如に対処します。 MiraiとBASHLITEによって実際に感染された商用IoTデバイス9台から集められた*実トラフィックデータを示しています。

Devanagari Handwritten Character Dataset
This is an image database of Handwritten Devanagari characters. There are 46 classes of characters with 2000 examples each. The dataset is split into training set(85%) and testing set(15%).

DEXTER is a text classification problem in a bag-of-word representation. This is a two-class classification problem with sparse continuous input variables. This dataset is one of five datasets of the NIPS 2003 feature selection challenge.
DEXTERは語彙表現のテキスト分類の問題です。これは、疎な連続入力変数を持つ2クラスの分類問題です。このデータセットは、NIPS 2003の機能選択の課題の5つのデータセットの1つです。

DGP2 – The Second Data Generation Program
Generates application domains based on specific parameters, number of features, and proportion of positive to negative examples

This diabetes dataset is from AIM ’94
この糖尿病のデータセットは、AIM ’94

Diabetes 130-US hospitals for years 1999-2008
This data has been prepared to analyze factors related to readmission as well as other outcomes pertaining to patients with diabetes.

Diabetic Retinopathy Debrecen Data Set
This dataset contains features extracted from the Messidor image set to predict whether an image contains signs of diabetic retinopathy or not.

Discrete Tone Image Dataset
Discrete Tone Images(DTI)are available which needs to be analyzed in detail. Here, we created this dataset for those who do research in DTI.

Dishonest Internet users Dataset
The dataset was used to test an architecture based on a trust model capable to cope with the evaluation of the trustworthiness of users interacting in pervasive environments.

Divorce Predictors data set
Participants completed the Personal Information Form and Divorce Predictors Scale.

Document Understanding
Five concepts, expressed as predicates, to be learned

Dodgers Loop Sensor
Loop sensor data was collected for the Glendale on ramp for the 101 North freeway in Los Angeles
ループセンサーデータは、ロサンゼルスの101 North高速道路のGlendaleランプで収集されました

DOROTHEA is a drug discovery dataset. Chemical compounds represented by structural molecular features must be classified as active (binding to thrombin) or inactive. This is one of 5 datasets of the NIPS 2003 feature selection challenge.
DOROTHEAは薬物発見データセットです。構造的分子的特徴によって表される化合物は、活性(トロンビンへの結合)または不活性であると分類されなければならない。これは、NIPS 2003の機能選択の課題の5つのデータセットの1つです。

Dota2 Games Results
Dota 2 is a popular computer game with two teams of 5 players. At the start of the game each player chooses a unique hero with different strengths and weaknesses.
Dota 2は、5人のチームからなる2つのチームを持つ人気のコンピュータゲームです。ゲームの開始時に、各プレイヤーは異なる強さと弱みを持つユニークなヒーローを選びます。

Dow Jones Index
This dataset contains weekly data for the Dow Jones Industrial Index. It has been used in computational investing research.

This dataset contain Attributes of dresses and their recommendations according to their sales.Sales are monitor on the basis of alternate days.

The DrivFace contains images sequences of subjects while driving in real scenarios. It is composed of 606 samples of 640×480, acquired over different days from 4 drivers with several facial features.
DrivFaceには、実際の運転で運転中の被写体の画像シーケンスが含まれています。 640×480のサンプル606個で構成され、いくつかの顔の特徴を持つ4人のドライバーから異なる日に取得されます。

Drug consumption (quantified)
Classify type of drug consumer by personality data

Drug Review Dataset (Druglib.com)
The dataset provides patient reviews on specific drugs along with related conditions. Reviews and ratings are grouped into reports on the three aspects benefits, side effects and overall comment.

Drug Review Dataset (Drugs.com)
The dataset provides patient reviews on specific drugs along with related conditions and a 10 star patient rating reflecting overall patient satisfaction.

DSRC Vehicle Communications
This set Provides data regarding wireless communications between vehicles and road side units. two separate data sets are provided (normal scenario) and in the presence of attacker (jammer).
このセットは、車両と路側機間の無線通信に関するデータを提供します。 2つの別々のデータセットが提供されます(通常のシナリオ)、攻撃者の存在下(妨害)。

Dynamic Features of VirusShare Executables
This dataset contains the dynamic features of 107,888 executables, collected by VirusShare from Nov/2010 to Jul/2014.

E. Coli Genes
Data giving characteristics of each ORF (potential gene) in the E. coli genome. Sequence, homology (similarity to other genes) and structural information, and function (if known) are provided.

Early biomarkers of Parkinson’s disease based on natural connected speech Data Set

Early biomarkers of Parkinsons disease based on natural connected speech
Predict a pattern of neurodegeneration in the dataset of speech features obtained from patients with early untreated Parkinson’s disease and patients at high risk developing Parkinson’s disease.

EBL Domain Theories
Assorted small-scale domain theories

Data for classifying if patients will survive for at least one year after a heart attack

This dataset includes Online Textual Reviews from both online (e.g., TripAdvisor) and offline (e.g., Guests’ book) sources from the Areias do Seixo Eco-Resort.
このデータセットには、Areias do Seixo Eco-Resortのオンライン(例:トリップ)とオフライン(例:ゲスト)の両方のオンラインテキストレビューが含まれています。

This data contains protein localization sites

Economic Sanctions
Domain Theory on Economic Sanctions; Undocumented

Educational Process Mining (EPM): A Learning Analytics Data Set
A Learning Analytics Data Set: Educational Process Mining data set is built from the recordings of 115 subjects’ activities through a logging application while learning with an educational simulator.

EEG Database
This data arises from a large study to examine EEG correlates of genetic predisposition to alcoholism. It contains measurements from 64 electrodes placed on the scalp sampled at 256 Hz

EEG Eye State
The data set consists of 14 EEG values and a value indicating the eye state.

EEG Steady-State Visual Evoked Potential Signals
This database consists on 30 subjects performing Brain Computer Interface for Steady State Visual Evoked Potentials (BCI-SSVEP).

El Nino
The data set contains oceanographic and surface meteorological readings taken from a series of buoys positioned throughout the equatorial Pacific.

Electrical Grid Stability Simulated Data
The local stability analysis of the 4-node star system (electricity producer is in the center) implementing Decentral Smart Grid Control concept.

This data set contains electricity consumption of 370 points/clients.

EMG data for gestures
These are files of raw EMG data recorded by MYO Thalmic bracelet
これらはMYO Thalmicブレスレットによって記録された生のEMGデータのファイルです。

EMG dataset in Lower Limb
3 different exercises: sitting, standing and walking in the muscles: biceps femoris, vastus medialis, rectus femoris and semitendinosus addition to goniometry in the exercises.

EMG Physical Action Data Set
The Physical Action Data Set includes 10 normal and 10 aggressive physical actions that measure the human activity. The data have been collected by 4 subjects using the Delsys EMG wireless apparatus.
物理的行動データセットは、人間の活動を測定する10の通常の物理的アクションと10の積極的な物理的アクションを含む。データは、Delsys EMG無線装置を使用して4人の被験者によって収集されている。

Energy efficiency
This study looked into assessing the heating load and cooling load requirements of buildings (that is, energy efficiency) as a function of building parameters.

Entree Chicago Recommendation Data
This data contains a record of user interactions with the Entree Chicago restaurant recommendation system.
このデータには、Entree Chicagoレストラン推奨システムとのユーザー対話の記録が含まれています。

Epileptic Seizure Recognition
This dataset is a pre-processed and re-structured/reshaped version of a very commonly used dataset featuring epileptic seizure detection.

extention of Z-Alizadeh sani dataset
It was collected for CAD diagnosis.

Facebook Comment Volume Dataset
Instances in this dataset contain features extracted from facebook posts. The task associated with the data is to predict how many comments the post will receive.

Facebook Live Sellers in Thailand
Facebook pages of 10 Thai fashion and cosmetics retail sellers. Posts of a different nature (video, photos, statuses, and links). Engagement metrics consist of comments, shares, and reactions.
10タイのファッションおよび化粧品の小売販売業者のFacebookページ。 異なる性質の投稿(ビデオ、写真、ステータス、リンク)。 エンゲージメントメトリクスは、コメント、シェア、および反応から構成されます。

Facebook metrics
Facebook performance metrics of a renowned cosmetic’s brand Facebook page.

Farm Ads
This data was collected from text ads found on twelve websites that deal with various farm animal related topics. The binary labels are based on whether or not the content owner approves of the ad.

100 volunteers provide a semen sample analyzed according to the WHO 2010 criteria. Sperm concentration are related to socio-demographic data, environmental factors, health status, and life habits

The data are binary attack-point vectors and their clave-direction class(es) according to the partido-alto-based paradigm.

First-order theorem proving
Given a theorem, predict which of five heuristics will give the fastest proof when used by a first-order prover. A sixth prediction declines to attempt a proof, should the theorem be too difficult.

From Collins Gem Guide to Flags, 1986

FMA: A Dataset For Music Analysis
A Dataset For Music Analysis: FMA features 106,574 tracks and includes song title, album, artist, genres; play counts, favorites, comments; description, biography, tags; together with audio (343 days, 917 GiB) and features.

20 photos of leaves for each of 32 different species.

Forest Fires
This is a difficult regression task, where the aim is to predict the burned area of forest fires, in the northeast region of Portugal, by using meteorological and other data (see details at: http://www.dsi.uminho.pt/~pcortez/forestfires).
これは困難な回帰課題であり、ポルトガル北東部の森林火災地域を予測することを目的としています(詳細はhttp://www.dsi.uminho.pt/を参照)。 ?pcortez / forestfires)。

Forest type mapping
Multi-temporal remote sensing data of a forested area in Japan. The goal is to map different forest types using spectral data.

Function Finding
Cases collected mostly from investigations in physical science; intention is to evaluate function-finding algorithms

Gas Sensor Array Drift Dataset
This archive contains 13910 measurements from 16 chemical sensors utilized in simulations for drift compensation in a discrimination task of 6 gases at various levels of concentrations.

Gas Sensor Array Drift Dataset at Different Concentrations
This archive contains 13910 measurements from 16 chemical sensors exposed to 6 different gases at various concentration levels.

Gas sensor array exposed to turbulent gas mixtures
A chemical detection platform composed of 8 chemoresistive gas sensors was exposed to turbulent gas mixtures generated naturally in a wind tunnel. The acquired time series of the sensors are provided.

Gas sensor array temperature modulation
A chemical detection platform composed of 14 temperature-modulated metal oxide (MOX) gas sensors was exposed during 3 weeks to mixtures of carbon monoxide and humid synthetic air in a gas chamber.

Gas sensor array under dynamic gas mixtures
The data set contains the recordings of 16 chemical sensors exposed to two dynamic gas mixtures at varying concentrations. For each mixture, signals were acquired continuously during 12 hours.

Gas sensor array under flow modulation
The data set contains 58 time series acquired from 16 chemical sensors under gas flow modulation conditions. The sensors were exposed to different gaseous binary mixtures of acetone and ethanol.

Gas sensor arrays in open sampling settings
The dataset contains 18000 time-series recordings from a chemical detection platform at six different locations in a wind tunnel facility in response to ten high-priority chemical gaseous substances

Gas sensors for home activity monitoring
100 recordings of a sensor array under different conditions in a home setting: background, wine and banana presentations. The array includes 8 MOX gas sensors, and humidity and temperature sensors.

Gastrointestinal Lesions in Regular Colonoscopy
This dataset contains features extracted from colonoscopy videos used to detect gastrointestinal lesions. It contains 76 lesions: 15 serrated adenomas, 21 hyperplastic lesions and 40 adenoma.

gene expression cancer RNA-Seq
This collection of data is part of the RNA-Seq (HiSeq) PANCAN data set, it is a random extraction of gene expressions of patients having different types of tumor: BRCA, KIRC, COAD, LUAD and PRAD.

Geo-Magnetic field and WLAN dataset for indoor localisation from wristband and smartphone
A multisource and multivariate dataset for indoor localisation methods based on WLAN and Geo-Magnetic field fingerprinting

Geographical Original of Music
Instances in this dataset contain audio features extracted from 1059 wave files. The task associated with the data is to predict the geographical origin of music.

Gesture Phase Segmentation
The dataset is composed by features extracted from 7 videos with people gesticulating, aiming at studying Gesture Phase Segmentation. It contains 50 attributes divided into two files for each video.

GISETTE is a handwritten digit recognition problem. The problem is to separate the highly confusible digits ‘4’ and ‘9’. This dataset is one of five datasets of the NIPS 2003 feature selection challenge.
GISETTEは手書き数字認識の問題です。問題は、非常に混同しやすい数字「4」と「9」を分けることです。このデータセットは、NIPS 2003の機能選択の課題の5つのデータセットの1つです。

Glass Identification
From USA Forensic Science Service; 6 types of glass; defined in terms of their oxide content (i.e. Na, Fe, K, etc)
米国の法医学からのサービス; 6種類のガラス。それらの酸化物含有量(すなわち、Na、Fe、Kなど)の観点から定義され、

GNFUV Unmanned Surface Vehicles Sensor Data
The data-set contains four (4) sets of mobile sensor readings data (humidity, temperature) corresponding to a swarm of four (4) Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) in a test-bed in Athens (Greece).

GNFUV Unmanned Surface Vehicles Sensor Data Set 2
The data-set contains eight (2×4) data-sets of mobile sensor readings data (humidity, temperature) corresponding to a swarm of four Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) in a test-bed, Athens, Greece.

GPS Trajectories
The dataset has been feed by Android app called Go!Track. It is available at Goolge Play Store(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.go.router).
このデータセットは、Go!Trackと呼ばれるAndroidアプリによってフィードされています。 Goolge Playストア(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.go.router)でご利用いただけます。

Grammatical Facial Expressions
This dataset supports the development of models that make possible to interpret Grammatical Facial Expressions from Brazilian Sign Language (Libras).

Greenhouse Gas Observing Network
Design an observing network to monitor emissions of a greenhouse gas (GHG) in California given time series of synthetic observations and tracers from weather model simulations.

Haberman’s Survival
Dataset contains cases from study conducted on the survival of patients who had undergone surgery for breast cancer

Topic: human subjects study

HCC Survival
Hepatocellular Carcinoma dataset (HCC dataset) was collected at a University Hospital in Portugal. It contains real clinical data of 165 patients diagnosed with HCC.
肝細胞癌データセット(HCCデータセット)は、ポルトガルの大学病院で収集された。 HCCと診断された165人の患者の実際の臨床データを含む。

Health News in Twitter
The data was collected in 2015 using Twitter API. This dataset contains health news from more than 15 major health news agencies such as BBC, CNN, and NYT.
Twitter APIを使用して2015年にデータが収集されました。このデータセットには、BBC、CNN、NYTなど15以上の主要な保健医療機関の健康ニュースが掲載されています。

Heart Disease
4 databases: Cleveland, Hungary, Switzerland, and the VA Long Beach

From G.Gong: CMU; Mostly Boolean or numeric-valued attribute types; Includes cost data (donated by Peter Turney)
G.Gongから:CMU;ほとんどのブール値型または数値型の属性タイプ。費用データを含む(Peter Turney寄贈)

Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) for Egyptian patients
Egyptian patients who underwent treatment dosages for HCV about 18 months. Discretization should be applied based on expert recommendations; there is an attached file shows how.
HCVの治療用量を約18ヶ月受けたエジプト人患者。 専門家の推奨に基づいて、離散化を適用する必要があります。 添付ファイルがその方法を示しています。

The search for exotic particles requires sorting through a large number of collisions to find the events of interest. This data set challenges one to detect a new particle of unknown mass.

Heterogeneity Activity Recognition
The Heterogeneity Human Activity Recognition (HHAR) dataset from Smartphones and Smartwatches is a dataset devised to benchmark human activity recognition algorithms (classification, automatic data segmentation, sensor fusion, feature extraction, etc.) in real-world contexts; specifically, the dataset is gathered with a variety of different device models and use-scenarios, in order to reflect sensing heterogeneities to be expected in real deployments.
スマートフォンとスマートウォッチからのHHAR(Heterogeneity Human Activity Recognition)データセットは、実際の状況での人間活動認識アルゴリズム(分類、自動データセグメンテーション、センサー融合、特徴抽出など)をベンチマークするために考案されたデータセットです。具体的には、実際の展開で期待されるセンシングの異質性を反映するために、さまざまなデバイスモデルや使用シナリオでデータセットを収集します。

This is a classification problem to distinguish between a signal process which produces Higgs bosons and a background process which does not.

Each record represents 100 points on a two-dimensional graph. When plotted in order (from 1 through 100) as the Y co-ordinate, the points will create either a Hill (a bump in the terrain) or a Valley (a dip in the terrain).
各レコードは、2次元グラフ上の100ポイントを表します。 Y座標として1から100まで順番にプロットすると、ポイントはヒル(地形のバンプ)またはバレー(地形のディップ)のいずれかを作成します。

HIV-1 protease cleavage
The data contains lists of octamers (8 amino acids) and a flag (-1 or 1) depending on whether HIV-1 protease will cleave in the central position (between amino acids 4 and 5).

Horse Colic
Well documented attributes; 368 instances with 28 attributes (continuous, discrete, and nominal); 30% missing values
十分に文書化された属性。 28属性(連続、離散、公称)を持つ368インスタンス。 30%欠損値

Pulsar candidates collected during the HTRU survey. Pulsars are a type of star, of considerable scientific interest. Candidates must be classified in to pulsar and non-pulsar classes to aid discovery.

Human Activity Recognition from Continuous Ambient Sensor Data
This dataset represents ambient data collected in homes with volunteer residents. Data are collected continuously while residents perform their normal routines.
このデータセットは、ボランティアの居住者がいる家で収集された環境データを表します。 居住者が通常のルーチンを実行している間、データは継続的に収集されます。

Human Activity Recognition Using Smartphones
Human Activity Recognition database built from the recordings of 30 subjects performing activities of daily living (ADL) while carrying a waist-mounted smartphone with embedded inertial sensors.

Hybrid Indoor Positioning Dataset from WiFi RSSI, Bluetooth and magnetometer
The dataset was created for the comparison and evaluation of hybrid indoor positioning methods. The dataset presented contains data from W-LAN and Bluetooth interfaces, and Magnetometer.

ICMLA 2014 Accepted Papers Data Set
This data set compromises the metadata for the 2014 ICMLA conference’s accepted papers, including ID, paper titles, author’s keywords, abstracts and sessions in which they were exposed.

Data set prepared for the use of participants for the 1994 AAAI Spring Symposium on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine.

The dataset consists of data collected from heavy Scania trucks in everyday usage.

ILPD (Indian Liver Patient Dataset)
This data set contains 10 variables that are age, gender, total Bilirubin, direct Bilirubin, total proteins, albumin, A/G ratio, SGPT, SGOT and Alkphos.
このデータセットには、年齢、性別、総ビリルビン、直接ビリルビン、総タンパク質、アルブミン、A / G比、SGPT、SGOTおよびAlkphosの10変数が含まれています。

Image Segmentation
Image data described by high-level numeric-valued attributes, 7 classes

Immunotherapy Dataset
This dataset contains information about wart treatment results of 90 patients using immunotherapy.

Improved Spiral Test Using Digitized Graphics Tablet for Monitoring Parkinson’s Disease
Handwriting database consists of 25 PWP(People with Parkinson) and 15 healthy individuals.Three types of recordings (Static Spiral Test, Dynamic Spiral Test and Stability Test) are taken.

Incident management process enriched event log
This event log was extracted from data gathered from the audit system of an instance of the ServiceNow platform used by an IT company and enriched with data loaded from a relational database.

Individual household electric power consumption
Measurements of electric power consumption in one household with a one-minute sampling rate over a period of almost 4 years. Different electrical quantities and some sub-metering values are available.

Indoor User Movement Prediction from RSS data
This dataset contains temporal data from a Wireless Sensor Network deployed in real-world office environments. The task is intended as real-life benchmark in the area of Ambient Assisted Living.
このデータセットには、現実のオフィス環境に配備されたワイヤレスセンサネットワークからの時間データが含まれています。この作業は、アンビエントアシストリビング(Ambient Assisted Living)の現実的なベンチマークとして意図されています。

Insurance Company Benchmark (COIL 2000)
This data set used in the CoIL 2000 Challenge contains information on customers of an insurance company. The data consists of 86 variables and includes product usage data and socio-demographic data
CoIL 2000 Challengeで使用されるこのデータセットには、保険会社の顧客に関する情報が含まれています。データは86の変数で構成され、製品使用データと社会人口統計データが含まれています

Internet Advertisements
This dataset represents a set of possible advertisements on Internet pages.

Internet Usage Data
This data contains general demographic information on internet users in 1997.

Classification of radar returns from the ionosphere

IPUMS Census Database
This data set contains unweighted PUMS census data from the Los Angeles and Long Beach areas for the years 1970, 1980, and 1990.

Famous database; from Fisher, 1936

Goal: Predict which letter-name was spoken–a simple classification task.
目標:どのレター名が話されたかを予測する – 簡単な分類作業。

Data sets includes returns of Istanbul Stock Exchange with seven other international index; SP, DAX, FTSE, NIKKEI, BOVESPA, MSCE_EU, MSCI_EM from Jun 5, 2009 to Feb 22, 2011.
データセットには、7つの国際インデックスを持つイスタンブール証券取引所のリターンが含まれます。 2009年6月5日から2011年2月22日まで、SP、DAX、FTSE、NIKKEI、BOVESPA、MSCE_EU、MSCI_EM

Japanese Credit Screening
Includes domain theory (generated by talking to Japanese domain experts); data in Lisp
ドメイン理論(日本のドメイン専門家との話し合いによって生成される)を含む。 Lispのデータ

Japanese Vowels
This dataset records 640 time series of 12 LPC cepstrum coefficients taken from nine male speakers.

KASANDR is a novel, publicly available collection for recommendation systems that records the behavior of customers of the European leader in e-Commerce advertising, Kelkoo.

KDC-4007 dataset Collection
KDC-4007 dataset Collection is the Kurdish Documents Classification text used in categories regarding Kurdish Sorani news and articles.

KDD Cup 1998 Data
This is the data set used for The Second International Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Tools Competition, which was held in conjunction with KDD-98

KDD Cup 1999 Data
This is the data set used for The Third International Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Tools Competition, which was held in conjunction with KDD-99

KEGG Metabolic Reaction Network (Undirected)
KEGG Metabolic pathways modeled as un-directed reaction network. Variety of graphical features presented.

KEGG Metabolic Relation Network (Directed)
KEGG Metabolic pathways modeled as directed relation network. Variety of graphical features presented.

Relational dataset

Kitsune Network Attack Dataset
A cybersecurity dataset containing nine different network attacks on a commercial IP-based surveillance system and an IoT network. The dataset includes reconnaissance, MitM, DoS, and botnet attacks.

Labor Relations
From Collective Bargaining Review

Las Vegas Strip
This dataset includes quantitative and categorical features from online reviews from 21 hotels located in Las Vegas Strip, extracted from TripAdvisor (http://www.tripadvisor.com).

This dataset consists in a collection of shape and texture features extracted from digital images of leaf specimens originating from a total of 40 different plant species.

LED Display Domain
From Classification and Regression Trees book; We provide here 2 C programs for generating sample databases

Legal Case Reports
A textual corpus of 4000 legal cases for automatic summarization and citation analysis. For each document we collect catchphrases, citations sentences, citation catchphrases and citation classes.

Database for fitting contact lenses

Letter Recognition
Database of character image features; try to identify the letter

Libras Movement
The data set contains 15 classes of 24 instances each. Each class references to a hand movement type in LIBRAS (Portuguese name ‘Lngua BRAsileira de Sinais’, oficial brazilian signal language).
データセットには、それぞれ24のインスタンスからなる15のクラスが含まれています。各クラスは、LIBRAS(ポルトガル語名「Lngua BRAsileira de Sinais」、ブラジリアン語の信号言語)の手の動きのタイプを参照します。

Liver Disorders
BUPA Medical Research Ltd. database donated by Richard S. Forsyth
BUPA Medical Research Ltd.のデータベースRichard S. Forsyth寄贈

Localization Data for Person Activity
Data contains recordings of five people performing different activities. Each person wore four sensors (tags) while performing the same scenario five times.

Logic Theorist
All code for Logic Theorist

Low Resolution Spectrometer
From IRAS data — NASA Ames Research Center
IRASデータから – NASAエイムズ研究センター

LSVT Voice Rehabilitation
126 samples from 14 participants, 309 features. Aim: assess whether voice rehabilitation treatment lead to phonations considered ‘acceptable’ or ‘unacceptable’ (binary class classification problem).

Lung Cancer
Lung cancer data; no attribute definitions

This lymphography domain was obtained from the University Medical Centre, Institute of Oncology, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia. (Restricted access)
このリンパ節領域は、ユーゴスラビアリュブリャナリュブリャナ腫瘍研究所(Institute of Oncology)の大学メディカルセンターから入手した。 (制限付きアクセス)

M. Tuberculosis Genes
Data giving characteristics of each ORF (potential gene) in the M. tuberculosis bacterium. Sequence, homology (similarity to other genes) and structural information, and function (if known) are provided

Machine Learning based ZZAlpha Ltd. Stock Recommendations 2012-2014
The data here are the ZZAlpha® machine learning recommendations made for various US traded stock portfolios the morning of each day during the 3 year period Jan 1, 2012 – Dec 31, 2014.

MADELON is an artificial dataset, which was part of the NIPS 2003 feature selection challenge. This is a two-class classification problem with continuous input variables. The difficulty is that the problem is multivariate and highly non-linear.
MADELONは人工データセットであり、NIPS 2003の機能選択の課題の一部です。これは、連続入力変数を持つ2クラスの分類問題です。問題は多変量であり、非線形性が高いことです。

MAGIC Gamma Telescope
Data are MC generated to simulate registration of high energy gamma particles in an atmospheric Cherenkov telescope

Mammographic Mass
Discrimination of benign and malignant mammographic masses based on BI-RADS attributes and the patient’s age.

Mechanical Analysis
Fault diagnosis problem of electromechanical devices; also PUMPS DATA SET is newer version with domain theory and results
電気機械装置の故障診断問題;また、PUMPS DATA SETはドメイン理論と結果の新しいバージョンです

Mesothelioma’s disease data set
Mesothelioma’s disease data set were prepared at Dicle University Faculty of Medicine in Turkey. Three hundred and twenty-four Mesothelioma patient data. In the dataset, all samples have 34 features.
中皮腫のデータセットは、トルコのDicle University医学部で作成されました。 Mesotheliomaの患者データは、300から24です。データセットでは、すべてのサンプルに34のフィーチャがあります。

Meta-Data was used in order to give advice about which classification method is appropriate for a particular dataset (taken from results of Statlog project).

Metro Interstate Traffic Volume
Hourly Minneapolis-St Paul, MN traffic volume for westbound I-94. Includes weather and holiday features from 2012-2018.
ミネソタ州ミネアポリス – ミネソタ州セントポール、西行きI-94の交通量。 2012年から2018年までの天気と休日の機能が含まれています。

MEU-Mobile KSD
This dataset contains keystroke dynamics data collected on a touch mobile device (Nexus 7). The dataset contains 2856 records, 51 records per subject for 56 subjects.
このデータセットには、タッチモバイルデバイス(Nexus 7)で収集されたキーストロークダイナミクスデータが含まれています。このデータセットには2856レコード、56件の被験者ごとに51件のレコードが含まれています。

The MEx Multi-modal Exercise dataset contains data of 7 different physiotherapy exercises, performed by 30 subjects recorded with 2 accelerometers, a pressure mat and a depth camera.

The MHEALTH (Mobile Health) dataset is devised to benchmark techniques dealing with human behavior analysis based on multimodal body sensing.
MHEALTH(Mobile Health)データセットは、マルチモーダルな身体感知に基づく人間の行動分析を扱う技術をベンチマークするために考案されたものです。

Mice Protein Expression
Expression levels of 77 proteins measured in the cerebral cortex of 8 classes of control and Down syndrome mice exposed to context fear conditioning, a task used to assess associative learning.

MicroblogPCU data is crawled from sina weibo microblog[http://weibo.com/]. This data can be used to study machine learning methods as well as do some social network research.
MicroblogPCUのデータは、sina weiboマイクロブログ[http://weibo.com/]からクロールされます。このデータを使用して、機械学習の方法を学習したり、ソーシャルネットワークの研究を行うことができます。

A dataset to explore machine learning approaches for the identification of microorganisms from mass-spectrometry data.

MiniBooNE particle identification
This dataset is taken from the MiniBooNE experiment and is used to distinguish electron neutrinos (signal) from muon neutrinos (background).

Miskolc IIS Hybrid IPS
The dataset was created for the comparison and evaluation of hybrid indoor positioning methods. The dataset presented contains data from W-LAN and Bluetooth interfaces, and Magnetometer.

Mobile Robots
Learning concepts from sensor data of a mobile robot; set of data sets

MoCap Hand Postures
5 types of hand postures from 12 users were recorded using unlabeled markers attached to fingers of a glove in a motion capture environment. Due to resolution and occlusion, missing values are common.

Molecular Biology (Promoter Gene Sequences)
E. Coli promoter gene sequences (DNA) with partial domain theory

Molecular Biology (Protein Secondary Structure)
From CMU connectionist bench repository; Classifies secondary structure of certain globular proteins

Molecular Biology (Splice-junction Gene Sequences)
Primate splice-junction gene sequences (DNA) with associated imperfect domain theory

MONK’s Problems
A set of three artificial domains over the same attribute space; Used to test a wide range of induction algorithms

Moral Reasoner
Horn-clause model that qualitatively simulates moral reasoning; Theory includes negated literals

Motion Capture Hand Postures
5 types of hand postures from 12 users were recorded using unlabeled markers on fingers of a glove in a motion capture environment. Due to resolution and occlusion, missing values are common.

This data set contains a list of over 10000 films including many older, odd, and cult films. There is information on actors, casts, directors, producers, studios, etc.

MSNBC.com Anonymous Web Data
This data describes the page visits of users who visited msnbc.com on September 28, 1999. Visits are recorded at the level of URL category (see description) and are recorded in time order.

Mturk User-Perceived Clusters over Images
This dataset was collected by Shan-Hung Wu and DataLab members at NTHU, Taiwan. There’re 325 user-perceived clusters from 100 users and their corresponding descriptions.
このデータセットは台湾NTHUのShan-Hung WuとDataLabのメンバーによって収集されました。 100人のユーザーからの325のユーザー感知型クラスタと、それに対応する説明があります。

Multimodal Damage Identification for Humanitarian Computing
5879 captioned images (image and text) from social media related to damage during natural disasters/wars, and belong to 6 classes: Fires, Floods, Natural landscape, Infrastructural, Human, Non-damage.

Multiple Features
This dataset consists of features of handwritten numerals (`0′–`9′) extracted from a collection of Dutch utility maps
このデータセットは、オランダのユーティリティマップのコレクションから抽出された手書き数字( `0 ‘ – ` 9’)のフィーチャで構成されています

From Audobon Society Field Guide; mushrooms described in terms of physical characteristics; classification: poisonous or edible
Audobon Societyフィールドガイドから。キノコは物理的特性の観点から記述されている。分類:毒または食用

Musk (Version 1)
The goal is to learn to predict whether new molecules will be musks or non-musks

Musk (Version 2)
The goal is to learn to predict whether new molecules will be musks or non-musks

News Aggregator
References to news pages collected from an web aggregator in the period from 10-March-2014 to 10-August-2014. The resources are grouped into clusters that represent pages discussing the same story.

News Popularity in Multiple Social Media Platforms
Large data set of news items and their respective social feedback on multiple platforms: Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Newspaper and magazine images segmentation dataset
Dataset is well suited for segmentation tasks. It contains 101 scanned pages from different newspapers and magazines in Russian with ground truth pixel-based masks.

NIPS Conference Papers 1987-2015
This data set contains the distribution of words in the full text of the NIPS conference papers published from 1987 to 2015.

Corpus intended to do cleaning (or binarization) and enhancement of noisy grayscale printed text images using supervised learning methods. Noisy images and their corresponding ground truth provided.

Nomao collects data about places (name, phone, localization…) from many sources. Deduplication consists in detecting what data refer to the same place. Instances in the dataset compare 2 spots.

Northix is designed to be a schema matching benchmark problem for data integration of two entity relationship databases.

NSF Research Award Abstracts 1990-2003
This data set consists of (a) 129,000 abstracts describing NSF awards for basic research, (b) bag-of-word data files extracted from the abstracts, (c) a list of words used for indexing the bag-of-word

Nursery Database was derived from a hierarchical decision model originally developed to rank applications for nursery schools.
Nursery Databaseは当初、保育園の申請をランク付けするために開発された階層的意思決定モデルから導かれました。

NYSK (New York v. Strauss-Kahn) is a collection of English news articles about the case relating to allegations of sexual assault against the former IMF director Dominique Strauss-Kahn (May 2011).
NYSK(New York v。Strauss-Kahn)は、元IMFのドミニク・シュトラウス・カーン監督(2011年5月)に対する性的暴力の申し立てに関する事件に関する英文のニュース記事の集まりです。

Occupancy Detection
Experimental data used for binary classification (room occupancy) from Temperature,Humidity,Light and CO2. Ground-truth occupancy was obtained from time stamped pictures that were taken every minute.

OCT data & Color Fundus Images of Left & Right Eyes
This dataset contains OCT data (in mat format) and color fundus data (in jpg format) of left & right eyes of 50 healthy persons.

One-hundred plant species leaves data set
Sixteen samples of leaf each of one-hundred plant species. For each sample, a shape descriptor, fine scale margin and texture histogram are given.

Online Handwritten Assamese Characters Dataset
This is a dataset of 8235 online handwritten assamese characters. The ‘online’ process involves capturing of data as text is written on a digitizing tablet with an electronic pen.
これは8235オンライン手書きアッサム文字のデータセットです。 「オンライン」プロセスは、テキストが電子ペンを用いて電子化タブレットに書き込まれるときのデータのキャプチャを含む。

Online News Popularity
This dataset summarizes a heterogeneous set of features about articles published by Mashable in a period of two years. The goal is to predict the number of shares in social networks (popularity).

Online Retail
This is a transnational data set which contains all the transactions occurring between 01/12/2010 and 09/12/2011 for a UK-based and registered non-store online retail.

Online Retail II
A real online retail transaction data set of two years.

Online Shoppers Purchasing Intention Dataset
Of the 12,330 sessions in the dataset, 84.5% (10,422) were negative class samples that did not end with shopping, and the rest (1908) were positive class samples ending with shopping.

Online Video Characteristics and Transcoding Time Dataset
The dataset contains a million randomly sampled video instances listing 10 fundamental video characteristics along with the YouTube video ID.

Open University Learning Analytics dataset
Open University Learning Analytics Dataset contains data about courses, students and their interactions with Virtual Learning Environment for seven selected courses and more than 30000 students.
Open University Learning Analytics Datasetには、7つの選択されたコースと30000人以上の学生のためのコース、学生、および仮想ラーニング環境との相互作用に関するデータが含まれています。

Opinion Corpus for Lebanese Arabic Reviews (OCLAR)
Opinion Corpus for Lebanese Arabic Reviews (OCLAR) corpus is utilizable for Arabic sentiment classification on services’ reviews, including hotels, restaurants, shops, and others.

Opinosis Opinion ⁄ Review
This dataset contains sentences extracted from user reviews on a given topic. Example topics are ‘performance of Toyota Camry’ and ‘sound quality of ipod nano’.
このデータセットには、特定のトピックのユーザーレビューから抽出された文が含まれます。 「トヨタカムリの性能」や「iPod nanoの音質」などの話題があります。

OpinRank Review Dataset
This data set contains user reviews of cars and and hotels collected from Tripadvisor (~259,000 reviews) and Edmunds (~42,230 reviews).

OPPORTUNITY Activity Recognition
The OPPORTUNITY Dataset for Human Activity Recognition from Wearable, Object, and Ambient Sensors is a dataset devised to benchmark human activity recognition algorithms (classification, automatic data segmentation, sensor fusion, feature extraction, etc).

Optical Interconnection Network
This dataset contains 640 performance measurements from a simulation of 2-Dimensional Multiprocessor Optical Interconnection Network.

Optical Recognition of Handwritten Digits
Two versions of this database available; see folder

Othello Domain Theory
Used in research to generate features for an inductive learning system

Ozone Level Detection
Two ground ozone level data sets are included in this collection. One is the eight hour peak set (eighthr.data), the other is the one hour peak set (onehr.data). Those data were collected from 1998 to 2004 at the Houston, Galveston and Brazoria area.
2つの地上オゾンレベルデータセットがこのコレクションに含まれています。 1つは8時間ピークセット(8hr.data)で、もう1つは1時間ピークセット(1hr.data)です。これらのデータは1998年から2004年にヒューストン、ガルベストン、ブラゾリアで収集された。

p53 Mutants
The goal is to model mutant p53 transcriptional activity (active vs inactive) based on data extracted from biophysical simulations.

Page Blocks Classification
The problem consists of classifying all the blocks of the page layout of a document that has been detected by a segmentation process.

PAMAP2 Physical Activity Monitoring
The PAMAP2 Physical Activity Monitoring dataset contains data of 18 different physical activities, performed by 9 subjects wearing 3 inertial measurement units and a heart rate monitor.

PANDOR is a novel and publicly available dataset for online recommendation provided by Purch (http://www.purch.com/).

Paper Reviews
This sentiment analysis data set contains scientific paper reviews from an international conference on computing and informatics. The task is to predict the orientation or the evaluation of a review.

Parking Birmingham
Data collected from car parks in Birmingham that are operated by NCP from Birmingham City Council. UK Open Government Licence (OGL). https://data.birmingham.gov.uk/dataset/birmingham-parking
バーミンガム市議会からNCPによって運営されているバーミンガムの駐車場から収集されたデータ。 イギリスのOpen Government License(OGL)。 https://data.birmingham.gov.uk/dataset/birmingham-parking

Parkinson Dataset with replicated acoustic features
Contains acoustic features extracted from 3 voice recording replications of the sustained /a/ phonation for each one of the 80 subjects (40 of them with Parkinson’s Disease).

Parkinson Disease Spiral Drawings Using Digitized Graphics Tablet
Handwriting database consists of 62 PWP(People with Parkinson) and 15 healthy individuals. Three types of recordings (Static Spiral Test, Dynamic Spiral Test and Stability Test) are taken.
手書きデータベースは、62人のPWP(パーキンソン病患者)と15人の健常者で構成されています。 3つのタイプの記録(静的スパイラル試験、動的スパイラル試験および安定性試験)が行われる。

Parkinson Speech Dataset with Multiple Types of Sound Recordings
The training data belongs to 20 Parkinson’s Disease (PD) patients and 20 healthy subjects. From all subjects, multiple types of sound recordings (26) are taken.

Parkinson’s Disease Classification
The data used in this study were gathered from 188 patients with PD (107 men and 81 women) with ages ranging from 33 to 87 (65.1±10.9).

Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Detection Dataset

Parkinsons Telemonitoring
Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Telemonitoring Dataset

15 months worth of daily data (440 daily records) that describes the occupancy rate, between 0 and 1, of different car lanes of the San Francisco bay area freeways across time.

Pen-Based Recognition of Handwritten Digits
Digit database of 250 samples from 44 writers

Perfume Data
This data consists of odors of 20 different perfumes. Data was obtained by using a handheld odor meter (OMX-GR sensor) per second for 28 seconds period.

Phishing Websites
This dataset collected mainly from: PhishTank archive, MillerSmiles archive, Google’s searching operators.

Physical Unclonable Functions
The dataset is generated from Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) simulation, specifically XOR Arbiter PUFs. PUFs are used for authentication purposes. For more info, refer to our paper below.
データセットは、物理的クローン不可能な関数(PUF)シミュレーション、特にXOR Arbiter PUFから生成されます。 PUFは認証目的で使用されます。詳細については、下記のペーパーを参照してください。

Physicochemical Properties of Protein Tertiary Structure
This is a data set of Physicochemical Properties of Protein Tertiary Structure. The data set is taken from CASP 5-9. There are 45730 decoys and size varying from 0 to 21 armstrong.
これは、タンパク質の三次構造の物理化学的性質のデータセットである。データセットはCASP 5-9から取ったものです。 45730個のデコイがあり、サイズは0?21アームストロングまで変化します。

Pioneer-1 Mobile Robot Data
“This dataset contains time series sensor readings of the Pioneer-1 mobile robot. The data is broken into “”experiences”” in which the robot takes action for some period of time and experiences a control”

Pittsburgh Bridges
Bridges database that has original and numeric-discretized datasets

Planning Relax
The dataset concerns with the classification of two mental stages from recorded EEG signals: Planning (during imagination of motor act) and Relax state.

Data has been extracted from the USDA plants database. It contains all plants (species and genera) in the database and the states of USA and Canada where they occur.

PM2.5 Data of Five Chinese Cities
This hourly data set contains the PM2.5 data in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Shenyang. Meanwhile, meteorological data for each city are also included.

The handwritten dataset was collected from 170 participants with a total of 5,180 numeral patterns. The dataset is named Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University – Urdu/Arabic Database (PMU-UD).
手書きデータセットは170人の参加者から集められ、計5,180の数字パターンがあります。このデータセットは、モハマド・ビン・ファハド大統領 – ウルドゥー語/アラビア語データベース(PMU-UD)と命名されています。

Poker Hand
Purpose is to predict poker hands

Polish companies bankruptcy data
The dataset is about bankruptcy prediction of Polish companies.The bankrupt companies were analyzed in the period 2000-2012, while the still operating companies were evaluated from 2007 to 2013.

Post-Operative Patient
Dataset of patient features

PPG-DaLiA contains data from 15 subjects wearing physiological and motion sensors, providing a PPG dataset for motion compensation and heart rate estimation in Daily Life Activities.

Predict keywords activities in a online social media
The data from Twitter was collected during 360 consecutive days. It was done by querying 1497 English keywords sampled from Wikipedia. This dataset is proposed in a Learning to rank setting.

Primary Tumor
From Ljubljana Oncology Institute

Assorted domains like blocksworld, eightpuzzle, and schedworld.

Protein Data

Pseudo Periodic Synthetic Time Series
This data set is designed for testing indexing schemes in time series databases. The data appears highly periodic, but never exactly repeats itself.

PubChem Bioassay Data
These highly imbalanced bioassay datasets are from the differing types of screening that can be performed using HTS technology. 21 datasets were created from 12 bioassays.
これらの高度にバランスのとれていないバイオアッセイデータセットは、HTS技術を使用して実施できる異なるタイプのスクリーニング由来である。 21のデータセットが12のバイオアッセイから作成された。

QSAR androgen receptor
1024 binary attributes (molecular fingerprints) used to classify 1687 chemicals into 2 classes (binder to androgen receptor/positive, non-binder to androgen receptor /negative)

QSAR aquatic toxicity
Data set containing values for 8 attributes (molecular descriptors) of 546 chemicals used to predict quantitative acute aquatic toxicity towards Daphnia Magna..

QSAR Bioconcentration classes dataset
Dataset of manually-curated Bioconcentration factor (BCF, fish) and mechanistic classes for QSAR modeling.

QSAR biodegradation
Data set containing values for 41 attributes (molecular descriptors) used to classify 1055 chemicals into 2 classes (ready and not ready biodegradable).

QSAR fish bioconcentration factor (BCF)
Experimental bioconcentration factor (BCF) for 1056 molecules and binary fingeprints (extended connectivity) to be used for QSAR modeling.

QSAR fish toxicity
Data set containing values for 6 attributes (molecular descriptors) of 908 chemicals used to predict quantitative acute aquatic toxicity towards the fish Pimephales promelas (fathead minnow).
魚Pimephales promelas(ファットヘッドミノー)に対する定量的な急性水生毒性を予測するために使用される908化学物質の6つの属性(分子記述子)の値を含むデータセット。

QSAR oral toxicity
Data set containing values for 1024 binary attributes (molecular fingerprints) used to classify 8992 chemicals into 2 classes (very toxic/positive, not very toxic/negative)

Since there is no numerical sequential data stream available in standard data sets, this data set is generated from the original T40I10D100K data set

Quadruped Mammals
The file animals.c is a data generator of structured instances representing quadruped animals

Qualitative Structure Activity Relationships
Two sets of datasets are given: pyrimidines and triazines

Predict the Bankruptcy from Qualitative parameters from experts.

Quality Assessment of Digital Colposcopies
This dataset explores the subjective quality assessment of digital colposcopies.

Query Analytics Workloads Dataset
The data-set contains three (3) sets of range/radius query workloads from Gaussian distributions over a real dataset; Each query is associated with aggregate scalar values (count/sum/average).
データセットには、実際のデータセットに対するガウス分布からの3セットの範囲/半径クエリワークロードが含まれています。 各クエリは、集計スカラー値(count / sum / average)に関連付けられています。

Real estate valuation data set
The ‘real estate valuation’ is a regression problem. The market historical data set of real estate valuation are collected from Sindian Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Real-time Election Results: Portugal 2019
Portugal 2019: Data set of the real-time election results of the 2019 Portuguese Parliamentary Election.

REALDISP Activity Recognition Dataset
The REALDISP dataset is devised to evaluate techniques dealing with the effects of sensor displacement in wearable activity recognition as well as to benchmark general activity recognition algorithms

Record Linkage Comparison Patterns
Element-wise comparison of records with personal data from a record linkage setting. The task is to decide from a comparison pattern whether the underlying records belong to one person.

Relative location of CT slices on axial axis
The dataset consists of 384 features extracted from CT images. The class variable is numeric and denotes the relative location of the CT slice on the axial axis of the human body.

Repeat Consumption Matrices
The dataset contains 7 datasets of User – Item matrices, where each entry represents how many times a user consumed an item. Item is used as an umbrella term for various categories.

Residential Building Data Set
Data set includes construction cost, sale prices, project variables, and economic variables corresponding to real estate single-family residential apartments in Tehran, Iran.

Restaurant & consumer data
The dataset was obtained from a recommender system prototype. The task was to generate a top-n list of restaurants according to the consumer preferences.

Reuters RCV1 RCV2 Multilingual, Multiview Text Categorization Test collection
This test collection contains feature characteristics of documents originally written in five different languages and their translations, over a common set of 6 categories.

Reuters Transcribed Subset
This dataset is created by reading out 200 files from the 10 largest Reuters classes and using an Automatic Speech Recognition system to create corresponding transcriptions.

Reuters-21578 Text Categorization Collection
This is a collection of documents that appeared on Reuters newswire in 1987. The documents were assembled and indexed with categories.

The dataset is used for authorship identification in online Writeprint which is a new research field of pattern recognition.

Rice Leaf Diseases
There are three classes/diseases: Bacterial leaf blight, Brown spot, and Leaf smut, each having 40 images. The format of all images is jpg.
3つのクラス/病気があります:細菌の葉枯病、褐色斑点、および葉のスマット、それぞれ40枚の画像があります。 すべての画像の形式はjpgです。

Robot Execution Failures
This dataset contains force and torque measurements on a robot after failure detection. Each failure is characterized by 15 force/torque samples collected at regular time intervals

Roman Urdu Data Set
Roman Urdu (the scripting style for Urdu language) is one of the limited resource languages.A data corpus comprising of more than 20000 records was collected.

Contains weekly purchased quantities of 800 over products over 52 weeks. Normalised values are provided too.

First self-care activities dataset based on ICF-CY.

Data from a semi-conductor manufacturing process

Measurements of geometrical properties of kernels belonging to three different varieties of wheat. A soft X-ray technique and GRAINS package were used to construct all seven, real-valued attributes.

The data describe the problem of high energy (higher than 10^4 J) seismic bumps forecasting in a coal mine. Data come from two of longwalls located in a Polish coal mine.
このデータは、炭鉱における高エネルギー(10 ^ 4 J以上)の地震予知の問題を記述しています。データは、ポーランドの炭鉱にある2つの長い壁からのデータです。

Semeion Handwritten Digit
1593 handwritten digits from around 80 persons were scanned, stretched in a rectangular box 16×16 in a gray scale of 256 values.

sEMG for Basic Hand movements
The sEMG for Basic Hand movements includes 2 databases of surface electromyographic signals of 6 hand movements using Delsys’ EMG System. Healthy subjects conducted six daily life grasps.

Sentence Classification
Contains sentences from the abstract and introduction of 30 articles annotated with a modified Argumentative Zones annotation scheme. These articles come from biology, machine learning and psychology.
要約からの文章と、変更されたArgumentative Zonesアノテーションスキームで注釈が付けられた30の記事の紹介が含まれています。これらの記事は、生物学、機械学習、心理学から来ています。

Sentiment Labelled Sentences
The dataset contains sentences labelled with positive or negative sentiment.

ser Knowledge Modeling Data (Students’ Knowledge Levels on DC Electrical Machines)
The dataset is about the users’ learning activities and knowledge levels on subjects of DC Electrical Machines. The dataset had been obtained from online web-courses and reported in my Ph.D. Thesis.

Data was from a simulation of a servo system

SGEMM GPU kernel performance
Running times for multiplying two 2048 x 2048 matrices using a GPU OpenCL SGEMM kernel with varying parameters (using the library ‘CLTune’).
さまざまなパラメータ(ライブラリ ‘CLTune’を使用)を使用して、GPU OpenCL SGEMMカーネルを使用して2つの2048 x 2048行列を掛けるための実行時間。

Shuttle Landing Control
Tiny database; all nominal values

In SIFT10M, each data point is a SIFT feature which is extracted from Caltech-256 by the open source VLFeat library. The corresponding patches of the SIFT features are provided.

Simulated Falls and Daily Living Activities Data Set
20 falls and 16 daily living activities were performed by 17 volunteers with 5 repetitions while wearing 6 sensors (3.060 instances) that attached to their head, chest, waist, wrist, thigh and ankle.

SkillCraft1 Master Table Dataset
This data was used in Thompson et al. (2013). A list of possible game actions is discussed in Thompson, Blair, Chen, & Henrey (2013).
このデータはThompson et al。 (2013)。可能なゲームアクションのリストはThompson、Blair、Chen、&Henrey(2013)で議論されています。

Skin Segmentation
The Skin Segmentation dataset is constructed over B, G, R color space. Skin and Nonskin dataset is generated using skin textures from face images of diversity of age, gender, and race people.

Smartphone Dataset for Human Activity Recognition (HAR) in Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)
This data is an addition to an existing dataset on UCI. We collected more data to improve the accuracy of our human activity recognition algorithms applied in the domain of Ambient Assisted Living.
このデータは、UCIの既存のデータセットに追加されたものです。 Ambient Assisted Living領域に適用された人間活動認識アルゴリズムの精度を向上させるために、より多くのデータを収集しました。

Smartphone-Based Recognition of Human Activities and Postural Transitions
Activity recognition data set built from the recordings of 30 subjects performing basic activities and postural transitions while carrying a waist-mounted smartphone with embedded inertial sensors.

This dataset is collected from a monitor system mounted in a domotic house. It corresponds to approximately 40 days of monitoring data.

SMS Spam Collection
The SMS Spam Collection is a public set of SMS labeled messages that have been collected for mobile phone spam research.

Solar Flare
Each class attribute counts the number of solar flares of a certain class that occur in a 24 hour period

Somerville Happiness Survey
A data extract of a non-federal dataset posted here https://catalog.data.gov/dataset/somerville-happiness-survey-responses-2011-2013-2015

Soybean (Large)
Michalski’s famous soybean disease database

Soybean (Small)
Michalski’s famous soybean disease database

Classifying Email as Spam or Non-Spam

Data on cardiac Single Proton Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) images. Each patient classified into two categories: normal and abnormal.

Data on cardiac Single Proton Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) images. Each patient classified into two categories: normal and abnormal.

Spoken Arabic Digit
This dataset contains timeseries of mel-frequency cepstrum coefficients (MFCCs) corresponding to spoken Arabic digits. Includes data from 44 male and 44 female native Arabic speakers.
このデータセットには、音声アラビア数字に対応するメル周波数ケプストラム係数(MFCC)の時系列データが含まれています。 44人の男性と44人の女性アラビア語のスピーカーからのデータが含まれています。

Data on sponges; Attributes in spanish

Sports articles for objectivity analysis
1000 sports articles were labeled using Amazon Mechanical Turk as objective or subjective. The raw texts, extracted features, and the URLs from which the articles were retrieved are provided.
1000のスポーツ記事は客観的または主観的なものとしてAmazon Mechanical Turkを使用してラベル付けされました。記事、検索された機能、および記事が取り出されたURLが提供されます。

Statlog (Australian Credit Approval)
This file concerns credit card applications. This database exists elsewhere in the repository (Credit Screening Database) in a slightly different form

Statlog (German Credit Data)
This dataset classifies people described by a set of attributes as good or bad credit risks. Comes in two formats (one all numeric). Also comes with a cost matrix
このデータセットは、一連の属性で記述された人物を良好または悪い信用リスクとして分類します。 2つのフォーマット(1つはすべて数字)で提供されます。コストマトリックスも付属しています

Statlog (Heart)
This dataset is a heart disease database similar to a database already present in the repository (Heart Disease databases) but in a slightly different form

Statlog (Image Segmentation)
This dataset is an image segmentation database similar to a database already present in the repository (Image segmentation database) but in a slightly different form.

Statlog (Landsat Satellite)
Multi-spectral values of pixels in 3×3 neighbourhoods in a satellite image, and the classification associated with the central pixel in each neighbourhood

Statlog (Shuttle)
The shuttle dataset contains 9 attributes all of which are numerical. Approximately 80% of the data belongs to class 1

Statlog (Vehicle Silhouettes)
3D objects within a 2D image by application of an ensemble of shape feature extractors to the 2D silhouettes of the objects.

Statlog Project
Various Databases: Vehicle silhouttes, Landsat Sattelite, Shuttle, Australian Credit Approval, Heart Disease, Image Segmentation, German Credit

Steel Plates Faults
A dataset of steel plates’ faults, classified into 7 different types. The goal was to train machine learning for automatic pattern recognition.

Stock portfolio performance
The data set of performances of weighted scoring stock portfolios are obtained with mixture design from the US stock market historical database.

Stone flakes are waste products of the stone tool production in the prehistoric era. The variables are means of geometric and stylistic features of the flakes contained in different inventories.

Student Academics Performance
The dataset tried to find the end semester percentage prediction based on different social, economic and academic attributes.

Student Loan Relational
Student Loan Relational Domain

Student Performance
Predict student performance in secondary education (high school).

Superconductivty Data
Two file s contain data on 21263 superconductors and their relevant features.

This is a classification problem to distinguish between a signal process which produces supersymmetric particles and a background process which does not.

Synthetic Control Chart Time Series
This data consists of synthetically generated control charts.

Syskill and Webert Web Page Ratings
This database contains HTML source of web pages plus the ratings of a single user on these web pages. Web pages are on four seperate subjects (Bands- recording artists; Goats; Sheep; and BioMedical)

Tamilnadu Electricity Board Hourly Readings
This data can be effectively produced the result to fewer parameter of the Load profile can be reduced in the Database

Tarvel Review Ratings
Google reviews on attractions from 24 categories across Europe are considered. Google user rating ranges from 1 to 5 and average user rating per category is calculated.
ヨーロッパ全土の24のカテゴリからのアトラクションに関するGoogleのレビューが検討されています。 Googleのユーザー評価は1?5の範囲で、カテゴリごとの平均ユーザー評価が計算されます。

Taxi Service Trajectory – Prediction Challenge, ECML PKDD 2015
An accurate dataset describing trajectories performed by all the 442 taxis running in the city of Porto, in Portugal.

Teaching Assistant Evaluation
“The data consist of evaluations of teaching performance; scores are “”low””, “”medium””, or “”high”””

Tennis Major Tournament Match Statistics
This is a collection of 8 files containing the match statistics for both women and men at the four major tennis tournaments of the year 2013. Each file has 42 columns and a minimum of 76 rows.

Thoracic Surgery Data
The data is dedicated to classification problem related to the post-operative life expectancy in the lung cancer patients: class 1 – death within one year after surgery, class 2 – survival.
このデータは、肺癌患者の術後平均余命に関連する分類問題に専念している:クラス1 – 手術後1年以内の死亡、クラス2 – 生存。

Thyroid Disease
10 separate databases from Garavan Institute
Garavan Instituteからの10のデータベース

Tic-Tac-Toe Endgame
Binary classification task on possible configurations of tic-tac-toe game

2 data formats (structured, one-instance-per-line)

Travel Reviews
Reviews on destinations in 10 categories mentioned across East Asia. Each traveler rating is mapped as Excellent(4), Very Good(3), Average(2), Poor(1), and Terrible(0) and average rating is used.
東アジア全域で言及された10のカテゴリーの目的地に関するレビュー。 各旅行者の評価は、優秀(4)、最高(3)、平均(2)、劣(1)、およびひど(0)としてマッピングされ、平均評価が使用されます。

TTC-3600: Benchmark dataset for Turkish text categorization
Benchmark dataset for Turkish text categorization: The TTC-3600 data set is a collection of Turkish news and articles including categorized 3,600 documents from 6 well-known portals in Turkey. It has 4 different forms in ARFF Weka format.
トルコのテキスト分類用のベンチマークデータセット:TTC-3600データセットは、トルコの有名な6つのポータルからの3600の文書を含む、トルコのニュースと記事の集まりです。それはARFF Weka形式で4つの異なる形式を持っています。

Turkiye Student Evaluation
This data set contains a total 5820 evaluation scores provided by students from Gazi University in Ankara (Turkey). There is a total of 28 course specific questions and additional 5 attributes.

TV News Channel Commercial Detection Dataset
TV Commercials data set consists of standard audio-visual features of video shots extracted from 150 hours of TV news broadcast of 3 Indian and 2 international news channels ( 30 Hours each).

Twenty Newsgroups
This data set consists of 20000 messages taken from 20 newsgroups.

Twin gas sensor arrays
5 replicates of an 8-MOX gas sensor array were exposed to different gas conditions (4 volatiles at 10 concentration levels each).

Twitter Data set for Arabic Sentiment Analysis
This problem of Sentiment Analysis (SA) has been studied well on the English language but not Arabic one. Two main approaches have been devised: corpus-based and lexicon-based.
このSentiment Analysis(SA)の問題は、英語では十分に研究されていますが、アラビア語ではうまく研究されていません。コーパスベースおよびレキシコンベースの2つの主なアプローチが考案されている。

UbiqLog (smartphone lifelogging)
UbiqLog is the smartphone lifelogging tool that runs on the smartphone of 35 users for about 2 months.

UJI Pen Characters
Data consists of written characters in a UNIPEN-like format

UJI Pen Characters (Version 2)
A pen-based database with more than 11k isolated handwritten characters

The UJIIndoorLoc is a Multi-Building Multi-Floor indoor localization database to test Indoor Positioning System that rely on WLAN/WiFi fingerprint.
UJIIndoorLocは、WLAN / WiFiフィンガープリントに依存する屋内測位システムをテストするためのマルチビルディングマルチフロア屋内ローカリゼーションデータベースです。

The UJIIndoorLoc-Mag is an indoor localization database to test Indoor Positioning System that rely on Earth’s magnetic field variations.

Ultrasonic flowmeter diagnostics
Fault diagnosis of four liquid ultrasonic flowmeters

Various datasets without documentation (feel free to explore!)

Data in original (LISP-readable) form

University of Tehran Question Dataset 2016 (UTQD.2016)
Persian questions gathered from a jeopardy game broadcasted on Iranian national television.

UNIX User Data
This file contains 9 sets of sanitized user data drawn from the command histories of 8 UNIX computer users at Purdue over the course of up to 2 years.

Urban Land Cover
Classification of urban land cover using high resolution aerial imagery. Intended to assist sustainable urban planning efforts.

URL Reputation
Anonymized 120-day subset of the ICML-09 URL data containing 2.4 million examples and 3.2 million features.
240万の例と320万の機能を含むICML-09 URLデータの匿名化された120日間のサブセット。

US Census Data (1990)
The USCensus1990raw data set contains a one percent sample of the Public Use Microdata Samples (PUMS) person records drawn from the full 1990 census sample.
USCensus1990rawデータセットには、1990年国勢調査サンプル全体から抽出されたPublic Use Microdata Samples(PUMS)人物レコードの1%のサンプルが含まれています。

User Identification From Walking Activity
The dataset collects data from an Android smartphone positioned in the chest pocket from 22 participants walking in the wild over a predefined path.

User Knowledge Modeling
It is the real dataset about the students’ knowledge status about the subject of Electrical DC Machines. The dataset had been obtained from Ph.D. Thesis.

USPTO Algorithm Challenge, run by NASA-Harvard Tournament Lab and TopCoder Problem: Pat
Pat: Data used for USPTO Algorithm Competition. Contains drawing pages from US patents with manually labeled figure and part labels.

Vertebral Column
Data set containing values for six biomechanical features used to classify orthopaedic patients into 3 classes (normal, disk hernia or spondilolysthesis) or 2 classes (normal or abnormal).

Vicon Physical Action Data Set
The Physical Action Data Set includes 10 normal and 10 aggressive physical actions that measure the human activity. The data have been collected by 10 subjects using the Vicon 3D tracker.
物理的行動データセットは、人間の活動を測定する10の通常の物理的アクションと10の積極的な物理的アクションを含む。データは、Vicon 3Dトラッカーを使用して10人の被験者によって収集されています。

Victorian Era Authorship Attribution
To create the largest authorship attribution dataset, we extracted works of 50 well-known authors. To have a non-exhaustive learning, in training there are 45 authors whereas, in the testing, it’s 50

Volcanoes on Venus – JARtool experiment
The JARtool project was a pioneering effort to develop an automatic system for cataloging small volcanoes in the large set of Venus images returned by the Magellan spacecraft.

Wall-Following Robot Navigation Data
The data were collected as the SCITOS G5 robot navigates through the room following the wall in a clockwise direction, for 4 rounds, using 24 ultrasound sensors arranged circularly around its ‘waist’.
SCITOS G5ロボットが時計回り方向に壁に沿って部屋をナビゲートし、4つのラウンドの間、その腰の周りに円形に配置された24個の超音波センサを使用して、データを収集した。

Water Treatment Plant
Multiple classes predict plant state

Wave Energy Converters
This data set consists of positions and absorbed power outputs of wave energy converters (WECs) in four real wave scenarios from the southern coast of Australia.

Waveform Database Generator (Version 1)
CART book’s waveform domains

Waveform Database Generator (Version 2)
CART book’s waveform domains

Wearable Computing: Classification of Body Postures and Movements (PUC-Rio)
Classification of Body Postures and Movements (PUC-Rio): A dataset with 5 classes (sitting-down, standing-up, standing, walking, and sitting) collected on 8 hours of activities of 4 healthy subjects. We also established a baseline performance index.

Website Phishing


Weight Lifting Exercises monitored with Inertial Measurement Units
Six young health subjects were asked to perform 5 variations of the biceps curl weight lifting exercise. One of the variations is the one predicted by the health professional.

WESAD (Wearable Stress and Affect Detection)
WESAD (Wearable Stress and Affect Detection) contains data of 15 subjects during a stress-affect lab study, while wearing physiological and motion sensors.
WESAD(Wearable Stress and Affect Detection)には、生理学的および運動的なセンサーを身につけている間に、ストレス影響ラボの研究中に15人の被験者のデータが含まれています。

Wholesale customers
The data set refers to clients of a wholesale distributor. It includes the annual spending in monetary units (m.u.) on diverse product categories

Survey of faculty members from two Spanish universities on teaching uses of Wikipedia

High-resolution Remote Sensing data set (Quickbird). Small number of training samples of diseased trees, large number for other land cover. Testing data set from stratified random sample of image.

Using chemical analysis determine the origin of wines

Wine Quality
Two datasets are included, related to red and white vinho verde wine samples, from the north of Portugal. The goal is to model wine quality based on physicochemical tests (see [Cortez et al., 2009], http://www3.dsi.uminho.pt/pcortez/wine/).
ポルトガルの北部からの赤と白のvinho verdeワインサンプルに関連する2つのデータセットが含まれています。目標は、物理化学的試験に基づいてワインの品質をモデル化することです([Cortez et al。、2009]、http://www3.dsi.uminho.pt/pcortez/wine/を参照)。

Wireless Indoor Localization
Collected in indoor space by observing signal strengths of seven WiFi signals visible on a smartphone. The decision variable is one of the four rooms.

WISDM Smartphone and Smartwatch Activity and Biometrics Dataset
Contains accelerometer and gyroscope time-series sensor data collected from a smartphone and smartwatch as 51 test subjects perform 18 activities for 3 minutes each.

Yacht Hydrodynamics
Delft data set, used to predict the hydodynamic performance of sailing yachts from dimensions and velocity.

Prediction of the release year of a song from audio features. Songs are mostly western, commercial tracks ranging from 1922 to 2011, with a peak in the year 2000s.

Predicting the Cellular Localization Sites of Proteins

YouTube Comedy Slam Preference Data
This dataset provides user vote data on which video from a pair of videos is funnier collected on YouTube Comedy Slam. The task is to automatically predict this preference based on video metadata.

YouTube Multiview Video Games Dataset
This dataset contains about 120k instances, each described by 13 feature types, with class information, specially useful for exploring multiview topics (cotraining, ensembles, clustering,..).

YouTube Spam Collection
It is a public set of comments collected for spam research. It has five datasets composed by 1,956 real messages extracted from five videos that were among the 10 most viewed on the collection period.

Z-Alizadeh Sani
It was collected for CAD diagnosis.

Artificial, 7 classes of animals


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  • 地図で見る石川県金沢市の人口 2014年1月地図で見る石川県金沢市の人口 2014年1月 金沢市役所が公開している平成26年1月の住民基本台帳人口と総務省統計局が公開している地図データを基に人口、人口密度、世帯数、未成年・高齢者の年齢別などの数値および前年同月からの増減率を地図上に色分けして視覚化したものと上位・下位のランキングをご紹介する。 人口、世帯数などのデータを活用しようと考えた場合、まずは国勢調査を思いつくが、国勢調査は5年ごとに行われており、最近 […]
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